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The Capture P.O.V. Camera Clip from Peak Design is a harnessing system for a GoPro, similar-sized action camera, or point-and-shoot camera. The system works by clamping around a strap such as the strap of a backpack or life vest, allowing you to use the gear you are already wearing as a camera harness. The camera is articulated on the harness so that you can still capture from different camera angles, not just pointed straight ahead.

- Fits nearly any strap up to 3" wide
- Holds the camera to your body for a low-profile, discreet form factor
- Allows panning and tilting so that you aren't limited only to a frontal camera angle
- Can also be used as a handy way to carry your point-and-shoot
- Quick release plate so you can quickly transition to and from hand-held shooting
- Twisting safety lock can be engaged to prevent accidentally releasing the quick release mechanism
- Included CaptureTool wrench is a special tool for tightening the connecting bolts to ensure the base unit doesn't slip. It can also double as a bottle opener
- Stabilizer Pad included to help absorb vibration from extra bumpy rides
- Powdercoated aluminum construction with glass-filled nylon backplate and mounting arms
- Includes GoPro "J-Arm" and universal "Point & Shoot Plate" with 1/4"-20 screw

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