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SmallRig L-Bracket for Canon EOS R 2257


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Key Features:

  • Custom designed for Canon EOS R, formfitting and anti-twisting.
  • Arca compatible base plate and side plate;
  • Removable and slidable side plate for added mounting flexibility;
  • Built-in slotted screwdriver on the base plate;
  • Multiple 1/4’’-20 threaded holes.

SmallRig L-Bracket for Canon EOS R 2257 is custom designed and formfitting, with a anti-twist safety pin and rubber pads on the bottom to prevent twisting of the camera. Both the side plate and base plate are Arca compatible allowing quick switch between horizontal and vertical orientation shooting. It does not block buttons or ports of the camera, and also the side plate can be extended to left by 25mm if you need more room for tethering or cable release. Camera battery door is accessible by pushing the quick release button on the base plate. The side plate comes with 1/4”threaded holes allowing mount of accessories. For example, it can mount the SmallRig Cold Shoe Mount 1593  to attach a microphone, and SmallRig Cable Clamp 1693 to protect the HDMI cable. A flat-head screwdriver is embedded in the base plate. It is compatible with the Peak Design Clutch and other hand straps.

Canon EOS R

Package Includes: 
1 x L-Bracket 
1 x Hex Spanner

Product Dimensions: 106 x 114.5 x 87mm
Package Dimensions: 160 x 120 x 68mm
Net Weight: 169g
Package Weight: 240g
Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

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